10 Signs You’re Dating a Girl Who Loves Yoga!

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Yoga is not just a form of exercise. It’s a lifestyle. A way of life.

Some people love it, breathe it and live it. And if you’ve ever dated a girl who’s into yoga then you know it’s definitely a special relationship!


Caley Joyner: IG @CaleyAlyssa

So here are the Top 10 signs you’re dating a girl who loves yoga more than anything else!

1. Her idea of a hot date is taking you to Bikram yoga.


Natalie Floyd: FB @NatalieFloydYoga IG @NatFloyd    Photographer: Aisha Schliessler

2. She shows up on your first date with leggings, a cute top and heels. The leggings are actually her yoga pants.


Kimberly Driscoll: FB @KimTaylorLA IG @KimmieDYogi

3. She does handstands anywhere that would look like a great photo op for her Instagram.


Lucy Galperson: FB @Lucy.Galperson

4. She has more friends from all over the world than a United Nations Ambassador.


Caley Joyner (in Bali): IG @CaleyAlyssa

5. Her idea of a cheat day is a wheat grass smoothie with coconut milk instead of almond milk.


Lucy Galperson: FB @Lucy.Galperson

6. Whether you like it or not, somehow you will become vegan like her.


Marissa Rose: IG @MarissaRoseInspired    Photographer: @BrianCrawfordPhotography

7. When she gets mad, she will cite you a quote from Rumi instead of yelling at you.


Natalie Floyd: FB @NatalieFloydYoga IG @NatFloyd     Photographer: Davida Williams

8. You will put a ring on it because she is the most flexible girl you’ve ever met.


Caley Joyner: IG @CaleyAlyssa

9. Her idea of the dream wedding is at a beach where all the guests join her for Vinyasa flow yoga for the reception celebration.


Marissa Rose: IG @MarissaRoseInspired

10. And lastly, she looks super hot even when she’s sweating.


Kimberly Driscoll: FB @KimTaylorLA IG @KimmieDYogi

Bonus: You will learn a new foreign language that consists of words like Chaturanga, Asana, Chakra, Kama Sutra, Warrior 1, 2 and 3 and every conversation ends with Namaste!:)


Natalie Floyd: FB @NatalieFloydYoga IG @NatFloyd      Photographer: Davida Williams

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak

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