7 Secrets to Getting Healthy!

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Life is a daily struggle. It’s a challenge we try to balance: Good vs. Bad, Happiness vs. Sadness, Healthy vs. Unhealthy. Sometimes we wish we had a handbook that revealed all the secrets of life to find all the answers we need to succeed in our daily battles. And sometimes, wishes do come true! Search no further! Here are 7 secrets to getting healthy that you can start applying today, to change your perspective, pursue your goals, achieve happiness and restore great health!


Facebook & Twitter: @DrRobBerberian

1. You are the key to your happiness!



Caitlin Turner aka Gypset Goddess www.gypsetgoddess.com Instagram, Twitter, Vine: @gypsetgoddess

“Happiness comes from within. It is a choice. It is a worldview. When you choose to view the world through a happy lens, you begin to find it everywhere you go.”


Caitlin Turner aka Gypset Goddess www.gypsetgoddess.com Instagram, Twitter, Vine: @gypsetgoddess

2. Get immediate gratification through physical activity!



Lindsay Christiansen    Facebook: @Lindsay.Christiansen.7

“When I was in my young twenties and in the modeling industry, working out was a sacrifice that I made to look good in a bikini. I’m the type of person who can get by on willpower for maybe a week or two, but if at the end of the day I don’t like what I’m doing on an immediate gratification level, I won’t keep it up for any substantial amount of time.

My yoga mat is my happy place. I plan my week around making it to my favorite yoga classes. I love every single last second of my practice. I love moving through transitions with grace, quieting the mind during intense poses, feeling alive as my muscles shake with effort, and that melt into half pigeon pose. It’s about the way I feel immediately during and after class. Showing up takes zero discipline or willpower.

Having a strong and beautiful body is a benefit, but if it were the only benefit, I’d still be finding those same excuses to stay home. When I tell acquaintances that I teach heated yoga, I sometimes hear things like “I don’t like hot yoga at all but I should probably do hot yoga, right?”

I think the best type of physical exercise is anything that you love. What you do isn’t as important as that you actually do. And if you’re willing to give hot yoga a try and you fall in love, I’ll save you a spot by the door!”


Lindsay Christiansen    Facebook: @Lindsay.Christiansen.7

3. Everything in Divine Timing!



Alex Taylor Brust    Instagram: @alextayloryoga   Photographer: Kris Walls at Scene It Live photography

“Throughout my yoga and acro-yoga journey, I seek and explore more ways to become physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. My secret to achieving this abundant, conscious lifestyle has been the words “Everything in Divine timing, love.” On and off the mat it’s all about Divine timing. I strive to see the beauty of present moment. Nothing needs to be altered, moved or changed. Instead of competing with myself on the mat, I let go of expectations, attachments, and judgments. Setting intentions and goals without holding attachment to the outcome is something I have learned from my family and home at the Yoga Den. Trust in Divine Timing and that is where you will see health.”


Alex Taylor Brust    Instagram: @alextayloryoga

4. Release your insecurities to find your happiness!



Kristina Kline   Instagram: @kristinabkline

“I used to think I just wanted to look good, until I realized what it felt like to be strong. I struggled for a long time with body image and had a very disordered relationship with food. My thoughts around food and my body became destructive and impacted not only the relationship I have with myself but the relationships I had with friends and family. I used to be so afraid of lifting weights for fear that I would “bulk up” or be “unfeminine.” What I discovered through CrossFit and lifting weights was a feeling of empowerment so strong that it allowed me to release any insecurities I was previously holding onto. Working out, being active and moving my body has become a way for me to find balance, clarity and happiness in my life. Fitness for me serves a purpose that far surpasses any Western notions of aesthetic beauty. Instead, it is truly a moving meditation. This discovery has improved my self-confidence and has truly been a paradigm shift for how I view the world.”


Kristina Kline   Instagram: @kristinabkline

5. Fuel your life with hope, passion and inspiration!



JQ Williams   www.willoyoga.com   Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @YogawithJQ

“For years I ran on stress, worry and fear for fuel. Every day was war and if I came out on top, I was flying high. If I came out on the losing end; well, watch out! The people around me never knew whether to expect happy and excited JQ or cranky, bossy and stressed JQ. It took a huge toll on my relationships and ultimately I lost a few to it. Reflecting, I came to a conclusion for myself. What if instead I chose to fuel myself with hope, passion and inspiration? I started implementing it and sure enough I started living a better life. It was hard to walk away from the security of my stressful environment but it created space for better things, in line with my passions to find their way into my life. Sure there are days when the stress fuel finds its way into my tank, but as much as I can, I choose a healthier way of life.”


JQ Williams   www.willoyoga.com   Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @YogawithJQ

6. Be the warrior that you are!



Jennifer Joy Patrishkoff  Facebook: @RawVeganGinger

“Always choose to be a warrior over a worrier. When you worry, you are literally betting against yourself. A warrior cultivates strength from within, rises above their deepest of fears, defeats the darkness in their own souls and shines their light bright enough for others to see out of their own darkness.”


Jennifer Joy Patrishkoff  Facebook: @RawVeganGinger

7. Uplift your health from the inside out!



Steph C Woods   Instagram: @stephcwoods   Photographer: Matt Jones Photography: @thrtyn

“The key to being healthy is working from the inside out. It’s not just the food you eat and the exercise you do (though those are very important, too!) – It’s the thoughts you invite in every day, the emotions you put behind your actions, and the mindset you carry with you. All of this has a more profound effect on our daily lives than we realize. Once you learn to take control of your thoughts and emotions, making them positive, encouraging and uplifting, your entire health and well-being will undoubtedly be uplifted as well.”


Steph C Woods   Instagram: @stephcwoods   Photographer: Ryan Dwyer Photography: @ry_dwy

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak

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