Actress Jaclyn Marfuggi reveals to Dr. Rob Berberian her secret to playing funny characters, her sexy workout regimen and her favorite superfoods!

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Jaclyn Marfuggi is quickly rising to the top of a new generation of up and coming female comics in Los Angeles. This super Italian Jersey girl has an east coast sass and quick witted humor that perfectly compliment her Los Angeles dry “get it together already people” point of view. She has her finger on the pulse of pop culture (Kim Kardashian impression included) and does some killer pop star impressions (dance moves included) of the likes of Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lorde. Some of her most memorable joke titles are: White Girl Annoying as F*ck, Be a crazy Bitch to really fall in Love, mob Wife Dreams, and OMG Do you know who you look like?!!!

She also teaches POUND ROCKOUT WORKOUT fitness classes 3 days a week at FITMIX STUDIO in LA. She’s a workout enthusiast who mixes her love for Rap/Rock music and constant cardio for 1 hour of intense awesomely sweaty fun. Jaclyn is also one of the founding creators and members of the white girl rapping sketch comedy duo “Weho Clique”. Their parody videos have received over 50,000 hits on YouTube/FunnyOrDie, and they’re currently in development for their own sitcom pilot. You can catch her jokes live all over Los Angeles at The Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club, The Haha, and The Improv just to name a few.


As an actress, how do you tap into the characters you play and make it seem so effortless and funny?

“In acting, I always try to go back to what would actually be the real situation, the real human behavior in life. It’s the most difficult thing, and the easiest thing. That’s all you need- the truth of the moment. If you give too much, if you telegraph things, you weaken it” – Robert De Niro

This is a way of thinking that applies 99.9% of the time for me whenever I’m working. It’s about finding the truth (no one wants to watch BS we smell it from miles away) and there’s comedy in tragedy and finding these moments in a script, improvised scene, or story I’m writing into a joke is authentically imperative. I strive for what comes naturally, then repetition comes into play, if it can truthfully be funny over and over again then I’m golden.


What’s your source of daily inspiration?

First thing that comes to mind when thinking of my daily inspiration is my Dad’s famous saying “Throw enough sh*t against the wall, and something’s gonna stick”. -Phil Marfuggi

I’ve always been a really hard worker who believed that I was put on this earth to entertain and make people happy. Things are finally sticking because I keep plugging away. I’m constantly inspired by the comics I see every night working out jokes and always trying to get better. It also doesn’t hurt that I have FRIENDS reruns on repeat in my house (old school Jennifer Aniston is my hero). Sitcoms inspire me. So do Kristen Wiig, Robin Williams, The Sopranos, Sandra Bullock, Billy Crystal, Bob FOSSE, Judd Apatow/Scorsese/Coppala, my dog COSMO, last but not least Jem and the Holligrams.


You have a passion for health and wellness, what’s your motivation to be in great shape and what’s your fitness regimen?

I teach a fitness class called POUND Rockout Workout and one of our mantras is #GetPounded- if that isn’t motivation enough for staying in shape I don’t know what is?!! It’s so important to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. If I’m not staying healthy then I don’t feel sexy, and then I definitely don’t want to POUND away with anyone (sorry fam earmuffs!) #PunIntended. I love to mix comedy and fitness I think “work hard to play hard” is something I live by. “Get it right, get it tight” is also one of my biggest motivators. It’s 90% what you put in your mouth (try hard to not have a dirty mind right here- it’s super hard for me, so many jokes deep breaths). Truthfully it’s all about moderation, you have to live and enjoy your fave foods just don’t eat them all day every day. I think it’s also imperative to combine lots of cardio with strength & weight training, ANNND throw in a fun activity like dance/cardio barre/hot yoga/dog walk HIKE. Also there’s a thing or two my mom Always taught me it’s called MAINTENANCE- keep it up mani pedi’s, waxing, clean tranquil living space, facials, blow out, SPRAY TAN. Trust me a good spray tan fixes any girl’s not so hot day ; )


Do you have a favorite super food?

My superfoods are pineapple, KIND protein bars, ground turkey, eggs, brown rice pasta, and lots of leafy greens!! Throw cayenne pepper on all of the above (except KIND bars yummy enough as is). As natural and simple as you can get- the BETTER- food wise. White flour, dairy, and sugar are not your friends!!! Although I’m not going to lie I’m an Italian chick from Jersey who will NEVER turn down Fresh Mozzarella from her fave Italian deli. Live a healthy happy lifestyle, raise your heart rate and laugh ALOT!!! But most of all, figure out what works best for you or you won’t stick with it- and never forget KEEP IT SEXY!



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Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak

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