Allegra Villella Shares Her Photography and Beauty Secrets!

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Photographer and lifestyle blogger Allegra Villella shares with Dr. Rob Berberian her secret for capturing beautiful photos and what real beauty is to her. Her passion and vision for a natural and artistic approach show in her amazing photographs that radiate with a pure inner glow.

Allegra Villella 1

Instagram: @AllegraVillella

Your photographs have a natural sense of beauty and serenity. What’s your philosophy in capturing the true beauty of your models?

Thank you! My photography is all about natural light and natural beauty. I love getting to know my clients/models and helping them feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera. I never retouch freckles, moles, or scars unless I’m specifically asked to. I love finding something uniquely beautiful in each person and highlighting that in my images.


Model: Nicole

What inspired you to become a photographer and lifestyle blogger?

I’ve always loved anything creative. When I was younger, my friends and I would put on fashion shows, write songs, create magazines — anything we could dream up. We had such a blast. When I got my first camera at 13, I was totally hooked. I spent hours creating and editing images, and I guess I just never stopped!  My main focus now is on portrait and lifestyle photography.

Elle & Margarita

Models: Elle & Margarita

Beyond photography, I also have a passion for healthy living. Going vegan and switching to all natural beauty and household products has had a huge impact on me. I love sharing tidbits about my healthy journey on my blog and Instagram!


Model: Jordan

What defines real beauty to you?

To me, real beauty is a kind of confidence and comfortableness with yourself. It’s finding a way to be genuinely and unapologetically yourself, pursuing what makes you happy, and celebrating your uniqueness.

Allegra Villella 2

Three things you can’t live without?

Green tea, my dog, and of course my Secret in-a-tube face mask! ​

Allegra Villella Secret in-a-Tube

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak

Secret in-a-Tube – Discover the latest Natural Skin Care products!

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