Are You Living in the Now?!

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Being present in every moment is the key to conscious awareness. We so often let life pass us by, as if we are watching someone else’s life play out in front of us. So how can we live fully in this moment right now? It’s my privilege to have Yogi Alex Taylor Brust share with us her view of how conscious awareness can lead us to a happy and healthy life in our featured guest blog!

“Before starting my journey into yoga, I walked, tripped and stumbled my way through life with my eyes closed. It’s crazy to think how much I have missed without awareness. My life felt rushed, and without a true sense of gratification. Conscious awareness is still and will always be a part of my daily practice. Believe me; I have a long way to go. Not even two months ago I managed to somehow wreck two cars, a mailbox, and an air conditioning unit by going approximately three miles an hour. I’m a natural butter-finger klutz which is a funny paradox for how much yoga I practice daily. I’m constantly working on keeping my eyes open in the morning and hoping not to attain another bruise from falling out of bed or bumping a hip into the night post.


By opening our eyes to even the simplest things, we start to see more than physical objects. Open your eyes and become aware. That which is happening right now is the greatest exploration. Imagine a world where beings have intention for conscious awareness. Imagine a world where life was “felt” rather than looked upon as an academic subject. The possibilities of relieved stress and anxiety are endless. Perhaps, we as a community make the connection between the mind and the soul. By doing so, opens up a realm of spiritual conscious awareness.


The greatest show on earth is being the spectator and participant of your own energy and that which connects heart and intuition together right now. Conscious awareness has been imbedded in our minds from the very beginning. Our work is to shed superficial layers off like dead skin. As we start to open our eyes to see the true meaning of life, compassion and intuition, the choice of bagging society’s thoughts on the importance of property, money and job titles become more favorable. Be quiet and still. Take an easy seat and start to scan the body from the root of your hip bones to the crown of your head. All that we need is right here.


The universe is here to provide us support to our deepest calling. The day we become more interested in the awareness of our thoughts rather than the thoughts themselves, we find freedom—freedom from judgments of others as well as ourselves, freedom from attachments to future outcomes. The truth is, we cannot as human beings, control any outcome of another. When we attain this awareness, we are free from any expectation. Through conscious awareness we find deep clarity—clarity in which the only constant is that the world is ever changing. Be aware of what is true in front of your eyes. Accept that there will always be a balance between yin and yang, high and low, good and bad, east and west and so forth. One of the first steps into a healthy and happy life is a conscious awareness and acceptance.”

You can follow Alex Taylor Brust on Instagram: @AlexTaylorYoga

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak

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