How to successfully achieve your New Year’s resolutions!

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Now that you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, the biggest challenge you’re going to face is how to actually pull it off! You have probably seen others, every year, start off strong then within a few weeks or even a few days, fall off the wagon. I see it at the gym every January! All of a sudden, people I have not seen for many months show up and furiously start running on the treadmill! The parking lot is full, all the machines are being used and everybody is sweating! I see it every year in my friends, family members or patients, wanting to achieve a new goal, whether it is to lose weight, get fit, become more successful, happier, less stressed, find a better job or a new career.

So on January first, we start off fresh, or slightly hung over if we had a tad bit too much champagne, but we still manage to get the new ball rolling. We have the energy and motivation and are ready to conquer the world! Traditionally, people fall off from that level of excitement and energy within one to two weeks. So then we must ask the following question: “What can we do to successfully achieve our New Year’s resolutions?!”


1. Be realistic but still dream big

There is nothing wrong in asking for the moon, but we should have a realistic path in trying to get there. So if you’re trying to get in shape and have decided to go to the gym every day for one hour, then make sure you actually have the time in your schedule to accommodate this new demand. If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re planning to lose 20 pounds, then make sure you are giving yourself six to nine months to lose this weight and not just a few weeks.


2. Be consistent

The key to maintaining our resolutions is to be consistent with our new practice. So our resolutions have to become engraved in our DNA and engraved in who we are. Our resolutions have to become part of our new daily routine. We are forming a new practice. You can’t become an expert at handstands from the first day and most people need to practice for many months or even years to get at that top level, but the key is daily practice. Consistency is the key to success and simply keep working at it as tempting as it may be to just give up.


3. Surround yourself with supportive people

Having some type of support will always lead to greater success. Whatever your resolution is surround yourself with new people this year who are like minded. If your goal is to quit smoking, then surround yourself with people who do not smoke. If your goal is to be happy, then surround yourself with happy people. If your goal is to get fit, surround yourself with fit people. You will learn a lot from them and they will support you in your new journey. Sometimes you will lose a friend, but you will discover your true self.


4. Fill your heart with love

Love is the driving force of this universe. Without love, nothing will exist. Our physical bodies are temporary, money is transient, anger is momentary, but love is like a fire that can burn eternally from within. The key is to tap into your internal flame and allow it to shine and burn unconditionally. Nobody is perfect. It is from our imperfections that real beauty arises. So love yourself more than anybody else ever has and you will see how the universe will open up infinite possibilities to allow you to succeed in your New Year’s resolutions!!


Be Love. Be Grateful. Be You!


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