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We strive to provide the best care possible; therefore, we no longer accept health insurances. The fee for each session is $500.

We will order lab tests or imaging studies and prescribe medications when necessary. Please continue to maintain a relationship with your primary care doctor. You can click on the links below for more information on the different types of services we provide. We look forward to helping you in your journey into health. ~Namaste

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Integrative Medicine Consult

We recommend most patients start with the Integrative Medicine Consult as the initial office visit.

With the philosophy behind Integrative Medicine, we incorporate the best of what Western medicine has to offer with the best of what holistic and natural medicine can offer. The connection between the mind and the body is as strong as the connection between the soul and the body. The symptoms are manifestations of something that is not quite right within us that need further exploration. During the Integrative Medicine Consult, we will review your medical history and any medical conditions you have been diagnosed with. We cover a wide range of medical issues including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, weight loss, natural approaches to pain management, recovering from injuries, improving surgical outcomes, optimizing the immune system to help reduce episodes of cold and flu, insomnia and spiritual wellness. We will further delve into the root of the condition and try to figure out what has changed in your life that has affected your health and devise a solid plan to restore optimum health. Recommendations about nutrition, diet, supplements, exercise, spirituality, stress reduction techniques, meditation, lifestyle changes and any other natural and holistic treatments will be advised based on the patient’s specific needs. A holistic approach is essential and the connection between the whole health and soul must be repaired.

Healthy Food

Nutrition & Fitness Consult

The Nutrition and Fitness Consult is specifically designed and customized based on the goals that the patient is trying to attain.

We recommend that you bring in a log of your daily nutritional intake, so we can review it. There are several apps available that make this log easily recorded and give you the breakdown of your intake. We will calculate your Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage as our starting point. We will ask you what your specific goals are in regards to nutrition and fitness. We will make specific recommendations as what to avoid in your diet or keep to a minimum and what to incorporate. We are very conscious of any diet restrictions you may have. Whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or kosher diet, we take that into consideration. We are very conscious of the effects of food preparation in relation to our health and environment, so we recommend whenever possible to support a sustainable diet that is organic with locally grown fruits and vegetables or wild caught fish, pasture raised poultry or grass fed beef and free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and insecticides. We will also make recommendations for a fitness regimen that will take into consideration any injuries or physical limitations, specifically designed to tailor to your areas of need that you can do on your own or work with a personal trainer. We will continue to monitor for improvement and keep adapting the regimen as your body changes. This is a complete approach to weight management and weight loss, while improving the strength of your bones and muscles and keeping the fat under control. This approach is more than a diet that fails after a few weeks because it is impossible to maintain. This is a lifestyle change that will produce long lasting results and help improve energy level, quality of sleep and prevent disease.


Spiritual Wellness

Our bodies have an innate capability for healing. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and direction to start the healing process.

Sometimes we need a little bit of help through medicine, but the important part to understand is that we have control over what we do with our health, our body, our mind and our spirit. Spirituality is present in our lives all the time. The soul is the immortal essence of a person. During the Spiritual Wellness session, we will focus on all aspects of your life and how each part is connected. Achieving a healthy balance between your personal life, relationships and career is essential to maintaining spiritual health. We will design a specific ritual that will help you remain grounded or reconnect to your soul during times of stress. We will focus on opening your heart chakra and all your energy centers to allow the flow of love for yourself and others in your life. No matter what your religious beliefs may be, spirituality transcends everything since the main focus is love. When all our decisions and actions are based on love, then all the negativity will be removed and success will follow in our relationships and our careers. Spiritual wellness is also very crucial to help clear the noise in our minds before making important decisions in our life or career. Our sessions can be optimized based on the goals you are trying to achieve. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to gain a mental edge for superior performance, an executive trying to make very crucial business decisions, an actor trying to decide which project to pick or a homemaker trying to balance the responsibilities of family and life, the Spiritual Wellness session we design will provide you with a guided meditation and visualization exercise that will provide clarity of the mind and allow you to find the answers from within yourself.



In our Biofeedback sessions, we guide you through the process of learning how to take control over your thoughts and emotions to change how your body reacts to different stressors.

These changes in thoughts and behavior will improve your health and performance. As simple as it sounds, your breath has great control over your heart, body and mind. When exposed to certain emotions or stressors, our breathing pattern changes and in turn it changes our heart rate, metabolism and mood. Learning how to control our breath can help tremendously to deal with external and even internal stressors. We use computer software that tracks your heart rate’s variability and skin conductance as we guide you through a journey of breathing and meditation. Studies have shown that Biofeedback is effective in dealing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in both children and adults, anxiety, hypertension, constipation, urinary incontinence, chronic pain and headache.


Pre & Post-Surgical Consult

Surgery can be necessary or elective. Going under anesthesia can be scary. Being under the care of a great surgeon and anesthesiologist is very important.

In the Pre and Post-Surgical consults we focus on what you can do to help your body, mind and soul to go under anesthesia and have better outcomes post-surgery in terms of dealing with pain and emotions as you are recovering from the surgery. In the Pre-Surgical consult, we will design specific positive visualization exercises that you will use on the days prior to the surgery and right before going under anesthesia to help you remain calm and visualize positive outcomes and give you a plan for what to do after the surgery. The post-surgical consult is usually one to weeks after the surgery to follow up on the progress and recovery from a spiritual standpoint and emotional wellbeing. Please make sure you continue to follow up with your surgeon. Anyone who has gone through surgery, whether elective or mandatory, can attest to the great stress your physical body goes through, such as pain, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite and limited mobility which if not managed properly can potentially lead to medication dependency and even depression. In traditional medicine, the soul aspect of recovery is quite often neglected. It is very essential to keep the soul connected to the change the body is going through during the surgery and during the recovery to allow for expedited recovery and better outcomes on a physical and emotional level.

Sleep Wellness

Cancer Wellness

We have all been affected by cancer, whether it is us personally or through a family member or a friend.

Cancer causes tremendous change in the body and the treatment is a very difficult process to the patient and the family members or friends that are providing care for the patient. In traditional medicine, the emotional aspect of this difficult change is not addressed quite often. In our Cancer Wellness sessions we provide two main approaches to wellness. The first approach is designed for the cancer patient. The second approach is designed for the family members and friends who are providing care and emotional support for the patient. Our sessions incorporate natural and holistic treatments that can be incorporated along with the traditional treatments that you may be receiving such as chemotherapy and radiation. We follow Evidence-Based Medicine in making these natural recommendations and we advise you to continue your relationship with your oncologist and follow the standard of care for your cancer treatment, whether it is chemotherapy, radiation or both. Our sessions will provide a natural approach to what can be done to deal with some of the side effects in between your chemotherapy sessions, such as nausea, vomiting, pain, fatigue and low immune function. There are some natural and herbal supplements that have been researched and studied that we recommend to help reduce these side effects, but these are not replacement to cancer treatment. Our main focus is on the spiritual and emotional wellness as the body is going through this difficult transition of treatment and how to regain full strength once treatment is completed through a designed plan that includes changes in your diet, nutrition, fitness program and support system. Our goal is to make your life as comfortable as possible while going through treatment and allow your body and soul the best chance for full recovery and staying cancer free.


Grief & Loss

Dealing with death is never easy, yet no one’s tenure in this physical life is permanent.

One of the greatest insights into life and death comes from an amazing poet, Khalil Gibran: “If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life. For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” During the Grief and Loss session, we try to shed light on the mystery of life and death while trying to gain a set of skills to help us deal with this difficult process. Having experienced the loss of my father at an age where he should have been alive has changed my view about life dramatically. We will work together to help devise a plan that allows us to deal with every step of the grieving process, which involves denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. The grieving process is different for every person and we provide spiritual support through the whole process until you start being at peace. Having gone through this myself, I have felt every emotion that you may be feeling. The same principles apply to the end of relationships and marriage. Grief and loss is part of being alive. Having a support system is important and being grateful for every day that we are alive is essential for achieving peace.

Spring flowers and butterflies

Guided Meditation & Positive Visualization

Sitting in stillness brings peace to the mind and body. Our souls need silence and stillness to recharge.

Our minds are busy all day long with all the activities and tasks we have to complete. This raises our level of stress and clusters our mind with overwhelming amount of thought and information. In our Guided Meditation and Positive Visualization sessions, we guide you verbally through a meditation that allows for clarity of the mind, relaxation of the body, focusing on breathing and achieving a state of consciousness. Then we follow it by a guided positive visualization to allow you to channel your energy to achieve a goal in mind. Both the meditation and visualization sessions are custom tailored to your needs. We encourage you to bring in any intention or need that you have, so we can help you achieve success with your goals. The meditations and visualizations can be designed to help with healing, sleep, forgiveness, anger, acceptance, gratitude, business, sports, family, love, relationships and even better sex.


Sleep Wellness

Sleep is essential to recharge and restore the body and mind. Without enough sleep, our entire day can be thrown off track.

We might feel foggy and drowsy and have difficulty concentrating and completing tasks. We can become moody and easily angered. Insomnia affects many of us. In our Sleep Wellness sessions, we will provide you with a checklist of the most essential sleep hygiene mistakes that we do which can contribute to difficulty falling asleep or waking up during the night. We can also recommend some natural and herbal supplements that have been extensively studied that help for better sleep. Lastly, we will address some of the emotional and spiritual issues that may be preventing you from achieving optimum sleep wellness. We can design a night time routine that includes a customized meditative exercise to help clear your mind and allow your brain and body to shut down for better sleep.

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Sessions via Skype or Telephone

FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY: Most of the services provided can be done through Skype or Telephone for patients who are unable to come to our Santa Monica office.

This will help accommodate for current patients who happen to be out of town and need a follow up or for new patients who reside outside of the city who would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rob. These sessions are not covered by insurance health plans.

dr robert berberian

Speaking Engagements

For speaking engagement requests from Dr. Rob, please contact us below.

Some of the topics that Dr. Rob speaks about include health, wellness, nutrition, spirituality, love, achieving success in business and relationships and corporate motivation. He has been a consultant for both private and public companies to help them achieve better success. He is passionate about helping people attain health, happiness and love in their lives.