Wanna AcroYoga?! 4 Awesome Tips for Your AcroYoga Practice!

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You’ve probably seen beautiful photos of two people doing strange looking yoga poses on top of each other and wondered how scary and exciting that would be to do it yourself. Well, have no fear! I had the privilege of interviewing four amazing AcroYogis that have kindly shared with me their awesome tips to help you in your AcroYoga practice! Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing yoga or AcroYoga for a while, their advice is priceless!! All you need is a partner, or a pet, or in my case- Mr. Skeleton!


IG: @DrRobBerberian

Ashley Galvin:

Acro yoga is all about trust: trust in yourself and trust in your partner. That’s the beauty, we are forced to move as one, forced to communicate and forced to trust, if this is going to work. It’s a lot like life!


IG: @AshleyGalvinYoga with partner @DylanWernerYoga

Koya Webb:

Listen and be heard!


IG: @KoyaWebb with partner Caitlin Turner      Photo credit: Blake Sinclair

Alex Taylor Brust:

Receive! Melt yourself into the vulnerability of the unknown. Trust in the process. Even if you are an experienced or advanced practitioner, always enter the environment with a sense of an adolescent, open-mind: Ready to receive trust, laughter, balance, strength, touch, healing, intelligence, perspective, acknowledgment, patience, and much more.


IG: @AlexTaylorYoga

Dylan Werner:

Be patient! Be patient with yourself and patient with your partner!


IG: @DylanWernerYoga with partner @AshleyGalvinYoga

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak

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